The Cosmic Throne

by Serpentspire

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Debut EP re-recorded with original vocalist Shawn Taylor
Shawn Taylor - Vocals
Damon Koenig - Guitar
Zach Lavelle - Guitar
Nathanial Fennen - Bass
Ian McKinney - Drums


released July 8, 2016

Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Zach Lavelle

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Serpentspire Spokane, Washington

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Track Name: Nostromo
Dimly lit corridors
Shadows dancing on the walls
I can still hear the echoes of
What happened here before
What happened before

Hunter close behind
A killing force that can't be stopped

Breath quickening
Scrambling for my weapon
Others gone one by one
Only glimpses of what is behind
What is hiding here
What have we awoken
What have we awoken

Derelict rooms covered in gore
Trapped in a maze that ends in death
Fear has taken hold
Fear has taken hold

Consistently stalked
We funnel into her grasp
Blood strewn in every direction
So quick we can't see her shape
We were given every warning
But heeded none
A perfect specimen only bred for death
Foolishly led like sheep to the slaughter

False hope as I see the light
Sharp pain
Sharp pain
Sharp edge pushed through my spine
Face to face with my enemy
And the world feels clear
Right before the end
The world goes black
Track Name: Invasion
Beasts summoned from an alternate realm
The skies open up
With beams of light

Bodies begin their ascent
Bodies begin their ascent

Population dwindling
Panic strewn streets
An unstoppable force pours on the Earth
No amount of preperation could have stopped this
Cosmic enemies now at our doorsteps

No amount of preparation
Could have stopped this
Cosmic enemies now at our doorstep
Cosmic enemies now at out doorstep

Modern man now deceased

Cities reduced to rubble
In what seems like a fraction of a second

This race falls so easily
This Earth now a tomb
Set for me to rule
Set for me to rule

The degradation
Of a population
The degradation
Of a population
The extinction of the human race
has begun
Track Name: The Cosmic Throne
Cosmic throne
Endless powers at my disposal
Ruling over all that exists

Your efforts are useless
Unite and fall together
My reign will change the course of existence

Armies at my disposal
And my pawns are all at work

Faith shaken soon destroyed

Desolation everywhere you look
Complete destruction of planet Earth

I am the ancient of all ancients
Bow down and prepare my sacrifices
Blackened out skies and death close behind
Fear gripping any left alive
Enslaving the population
Rebuilding the world and stripping all its resources
Molding it to my liking
Death incarnate
Creating cities out of the leftover bodies

I am creator and merciless destroyer
Bow down before my cosmic throne
I am creator and merciless destroyer
Bow down before my cosmic throne

I, the merciless destroyer
I, the all feared ruler
I, the bringer of death
I, the merciless destroyer
I, the all feared ruler
I, the bringer of death
I, the mad fucking titan

All your threats all your security
Will mean nothing when I rain my atrocities
Six pieces together for one purpose
Nothing can stop what I have become
Send them all
One by one
Or together
It makes no difference

My entire being is focused on destroying your entire species
Martial law now in place
Race obliterated

Not a trace of your existence is left

I am creator and merciless destroyer
Bow down before my cosmic throne
I am creator and merciless destroyer
Bow down before my cosmic throne
I am creator and merciless destroyer
Bow down before my cosmic throne
I am creator and merciless destroyer
Bow down before my cosmic throne

You all will bow down to me

Ashes of a once great race now under my feet

The cosmic throne is complete
Track Name: The World Eater Approaches
The world eater approaches

All Galactus brings is death and chaos in his wake

Crippling fear

The silhouette of my enemy approaching
The universe collapsing behind him

The world eater is here

All around
Bodies litter the ground
Of what I have built
My minions turn against me in the blink of an eye

Black holes opening to reveal my oppositions appearance
The beginning of the end
The apocalypse is here
For the first time fear is taking over my thoughts
How can this be stopped
How do I stand a chance

The only one to pose a threat
Bringing nothing but emptiness
Armies fall before him
Life sucked dry from all living creatures
Colliding planets as he grows nearer
Eclipsing all of space

Consumption of my world
The world eater nearing the end of his process

The Earth's core sucked dry
It begins to crumble from the inside

I brace for this
Ruins now my home
Six pieces used for destruction now used to defend
Shards of Earth breaking off
Into space

Constellations rearranged
from the destruction
No amount of cosmic force can stop this

Ripping pieces of existence away
The process now close to complete
The world eater's deed is fulfilled
My throne it crumbles on the ground
I was creator the merciless destroyer
Nothing remains of my throne
Track Name: Exhumed
Thrashing in the ground
So excited by what I have found
Scent seeping through the coffin wood
Getting stiffer by the second
This rotting pussy I will pound
With each thrust getting more excited by the squelching sound
Robbing graves is how I get my nut
Playing and lashing out on dead sluts

Her tender cunt now ready for the feast
Lick her till she splits
Turn her over now
Get a better view on what I must chew

Munching gnawing at her throbbing clit
The more I lick it begins to split
So I continue to feverishly lick
My meat is throbbing amidst the thick stench

Filth and bodily fluids dripping from her now
Her ass is now my chow

Maggots protrude
Squish them to produce my lube
Sloppy juices thrown around room
Shove it deep inside of her without any remorse
I feel the cavity collapsing underneath my force

No more tears shed
over this cunt
Her family only
wishes to mourn

Bloated from the rot
This whore will take my cock

I take her down...
I take her down to my fucking lair
And strap her to my operating chair
My tools to perform my experiments laid out perfectly
I cut and slash her skin so meticulously
Fileting each piece with precision
I'll be wearing her momentarily

She was exhumed to fuck